BlueStacks Features

We have put the best of android gaming on PC.

Game Controls

Play your favorite android games on PC, just the way you like – with your keyboard and mouse, or gamepad.

Shooting Mode

Improve your aim and reaction time with the keyboard, mouse.


Move your hero freely or cast different skills with your mouse and keyboard.


Play multiple games simultaneously.

Multi-Instance Sync

Replicate actions in multiple instances in real-time.


Record and replay actions with a single keypress.

Farm Mode

Optimize PC usage when running multiple instances.

Real-time Translation

Play any Android game in your local language.

Smart Controls

Lock/ free cursor automatically in shooting games.


Reroll faster with multiple instances.

High-Definition Graphics

Play android games in full HD.


Automate repetitive in-game tasks.

High FPS

Enable higher frame rates for smoother gameplay.